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In this article, I want to talk about 5 simple strategies to scale your engagement.

    1. Read your insights & analyticsGrabbing the right data from your account insights can save up hours of market research, testing, and just hard work. Simply go into your insights tab (If you don’t have a business Instagram profile, you won’t be able to access the account insights) and look in the content, activity, and audience tabs.You can grab much information, but the 2 simplest things to understand in order to scale your engagement fast are:
      1. What is your best performing content?
      2. What times & days are the best to post?

      Mastering these two alone can help you scale your engagement massively since your engagement depends largely on the content that you put out there, and when do you post

      To understand what content works best, go into the Content tab, and click see all.

      Filter your posts by seeing the best posts according to reach, followers, and engagement based on the last year, 30 days, and 7 days. Try to understand what’s your best content so far? What’s working in terms of engagement, reach, and followers growth. Try to produce content that will be similar to your best performing content, that way you will always aim to the top!

      To understand what times & days are best for your individual account, simply go to the Activity tap and view the insights regarding the days and hours your audience is the most active in. Try to schedule your posts exactly to the timing that is best according to the insights, or simply test between 1-3 different times for a while and see which one will bring the best results.

    2. Run a deep market researchMarket research is where most brands on Instagram fail. It starts with the mindset… That people don’t take their Instagram brands seriously and don’t treat it as a real business or asset, and they simply skip the market research and post what they “feel like” to post.It actually doesn’t work like that. Running deep market research will allow you to know your market. Get to know your competitors, who are doing successfully, who isn’t, and most importantly, why they are doing so?Prepare a list of all of your competitors and influencers on the specific market that you’re in, and start understanding the following things:
      • What types of content they are using that have proven to be the top-performing content pieces?
      • What’s the frequency that they’re posting?
      • How do they structure their bio & feed posts?
      • What do they post daily on their stories?
      • What are the hashtags that they’re using?

      And so on… You get the point. Only once you will know your market you will know what to do, to the details, with your own brand.

    3. Produce ONLY top viral content

      Hopefully, in your market research, you will understand it.. but let me give you in straight forward. The TOP influencers are leveraging viral content with every post that they’re doing. “Viral” means engaging, interesting, valuable, or simply content that people will like to share with one another. That’s how they can grow rapidly and easily, that’s how they get enormous amounts of engagement on their posts… and the best thing is: you don’t have to be at the top to start producing good quality “viral” content that will help you scale your results rapidly.

    4. Add CTA on every post

      “CTA” means “Call to action”. Calling people to take action is an absolute key to scale your engagement. especially telling people to like or comment on the post, that tend to work well. Think about it… When you tell people to comment on your post there are way higher chances that they will, rather than if you don’t tell them. Especially if you tell them exactly what to comment as well! let me show you a few examples that you will be able to start implementing right away:

    5. EngageJust like how “engagement” sounds, if you will engage with your audience more often your engagement will skyrocket much quicker, and also you’ll be able to build much deeper relationships with your audience!Set this rule to follow everyday:
      • reply to all the comments on your post
      • reply to all the DMs (even in the request tab!)
      • Upload at least 1 new engaging story everyday.

Apply these changes will help you scale the engagement on your account, which will help you generate much more leads, sales, and brand awareness.

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