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In today’s blog post, I’d like to talk about 5 things you can do to improve your Instagram account right away:

  1. Change your profile picture

    This seems kinda cheezy but many people get this part wrong. Make sure you have a clear photo of your face in it. the profile picture is super small and it’s hard to see a lot of details in it, so make sure at least 70% of the photo is you, and not background!

    This will help build credibility, trust, and connection… and also will encourage people to click the picture and view your story or your profile!

  2.  Optimize your Bio

    Bio is a critical part of your profile optimization, and you should take it seriously. The bio is the first opportunity you have to tell people about you. You want to include; who you are, what are you doing and what’s your main goal.

    Writing all this is pretty simple.. but it’s not enough. People on social media and in particular Instagram have a short attention span and if the bio doesn’t seem eye-catchy and interesting from the first moment, they might skip it and go straight forward into the content of your profile or just leave your profile. that’s why you should make sure to organize your bio in a way it will be interesting, eye-catching, and easy to real! make sure to include emojis as well. here are few examples for great optimized bio:

  3. Switch into a business account

    If you haven’t already, switch into a business account right now. This will allow you to use much more of what the Instagram platform has to offer. From using the swipe up feature on your story to reading your audience analytics and your content and account insights.

    Other than that having a business account will allow you to connect a Facebook page to your Instagram account, so you can run ads and also schedule content!

  4. Improve your content strategy

    Content is and always will be king. If you change and improve anything possible on your profile and brand but have poor content, you are probably going to fail. Take a moment to run deep market research on your niche. Find the best influencers and businesses on the market… see what they are doing successfully and try to understand why they’re doing it this way.

    Try to understand all the best types of content that work the best in your market, and understand how you can create these types of content for yourself as well! for example, ask yourself:

    • what types of content get the most engagement?
    • what types of content build trust and credibility?
    • what types of content didn’t perform, doesn’t work, that you want to avoid

    Start planning your “new feed” and stories! you will be surprised how effective it may be in terms of results (and sales!) by just taking your content game to the next level.

  5. Read your insights & analytics

    If you just changed into a business account, then you might want to do this is a few days from now. but if you do have a business account you can see exactly on your insights your content analytics.

    You can see exactly what content performed the best in the last 30 days or even a year. Try to understand the patterns of the types of content that ranked to the top and start creating similar posts! this will help you take your engagement to the next level.


Other than that, you can check the times & days your audience is the most active, so you can ensure to post exactly when your audience is active.

Making these small changes for your profile based on the current analytics can help improve your profile drastically!

Apply these changes and see for yourself, or,  If you’d like us to do it for you, schedule a free consultation with AOS Media by Clicking here to get started.


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