Why should you hire AOS Media to grow and manage your brand rather than any other marketing agency?

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There are a lot of different Instagram Marketing Agencies in the world.

In this article, I want to talk about why you should hire AOS Media, and no one else, to grow your personal or business brand on Instagram.

We can not convince EVERYONE to work with us, but that’s fine – because our service is not for everyone. As a company that offers a premium service, and gives every client the attention and professional care they need, we want to work with brands and companies that spread positive and honest messaging with their influence and are 100% serious about scaling their brands to the next level.

We believe that it takes more than just having a large number of following to have a great brand. Your influence is never just about the following number. It’s about relationships, conversations, connections, and engagement you have with your audience. And we see this happen over and over again.

So if you are like us, looking to build your brand with a REAL engaged audience who will actually care about you & your products… keep reading.

5 major reason you should work with AOS Media:

  1.  Result

    After testing so many things, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on influencers’ campaigns & brand growth, we know what works and what doesn’t.  What we did, is we chose 1 thing that we want to really MASTER. after helping clients on many niches, building huge brands across many niches including business, fashion, food, fitness, and even pet… we decided to focus on 1 thing only – Focus on the personal development & business niche: helping coaches, consultants, and business owners scale their brands & personal brands to the next level.

  2. We care

    The first thing that we do differently than any other company is we care about our client’s results. We do not just provide followers and wish you the best. there’s a reason the average client stays with us 7 months on average. We take every client with personal care and attention, making sure every detail is perfect. Building a brand takes more than skills and knowledge (which is super important), it takes a lot of hours dedicated to the little things.

    When we grow brands, we care about the influence that we can spread growing this brand. hence why it’s never about any following number, but about the engagement, connections, and conversations.

  3. Quality over Quantity

    Unlike what most people think, having a large following means absolutely nothing… if these followers don’t care about you & your brand. Having followers just to have followers… What’s the reason behind it? Joining giveaways or buying fake followers – not our style at all.

    We believe it’s the quality of your audience that matters. We focus on growing our client’s accounts with niche targeted followers, mostly located in the US to ensure the highest results as possible. and this is not just it… We help our clients create & produce top quality content so they can build a connection with the new people that are coming in, establish authority and credibility, provide VALUE… So they can eventually sell their products and services with ease.

  4. Honesty comes first

    If we can’t help you – we will tell you to think straight forward. If we can, we will tell you exactly what’s gonna happen step by step by step. it’s your brand and you deserve to know what’s going on every step of the way. Honesty is a leading principle at our company starting from how our team communicates with each other to how we communicate with our clients. We are tired of seeing people get hurt from “fake” tactics and “gurus” on the market. our goal is to really help people spread their influence, and that’s the only way we can do so – with full honesty on every step of the way.

  5. Our team

    Our team was built slowly with people who really believe in our vision and love what we are doing. We never work with people just to “get things done,” because we simply believe it takes deep passion to get the things done to the deepest level when it comes to brand building. That’s why our founder, Gilad Hanina, has built a small but profoundly motivated team, to ensure high results every time.


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